Soulflower Shampoo Bar Sandalwood And Geranium, 150g

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Ingredients: geranium essential oil balances scalp oil secretion, strengthens hair roots and has relaxing floral aroma. Sandalwood oil is great for hydrating dry, dull hair and soothing irritated scalp. Reetha and shikakai fruit extract give healthy and silky hair by nourishing scalp, controlling hair fall. Avocado oil nourishes dry and dull hair, helps regain elasticity making your hair strong, soft and shiny. Jojoba oil repairs damage, its healing and softening properties moisturize hair making it healthy and shiny. Castor oil detangles and conditions frizzy, unmanageable hair and improves hair thickness. Coconut oil's properties protect skin from environmental damages. Palm oil and palm kernel oil moisturizes skin and helps regains its softness. Stearic acid and vitamin e deep cleanse scalp, smoothens your hair with a natural glow. Directions for usage: 1) cut the soulflower sandalwood geranium shampoo bar soap into two pieces, store unused piece in a cool dry place. 2) Dampen your hair, make lather in the hand and work it thoroughly onto hair and scalp with finger tips. 3) Rinse your hair and scalp while scrubbing diligently to ensure you wash all residue. Repeat if necessary. 4) Use twice or thrice a week to wash off excess oil from scalp and get hydrated, strong and beautiful hair. Warning: do not use the bar directly on hair.



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