Star Wash Polyester Multipurpose 6x4 Inch Scrub Pad (Green, 150-Piece)

Star Wash Polyester Multipu...
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These are non woven open abrasive pads which are sufficiently aggressively abrasive. These are lofty open sheets ( 85 to 95% void volume) which comes in various thickness (5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm), formed from randomly dispersed high tensile polyester/nylon filament yarn of at least 25 mm in length and in deniers of 50 or more, which are bonded at points where they intersect and contact each other with a soapy water resistant binder which contains finely divided strong abrasive particles. These abrasive particles have a mhos hardness in excess of 8 and particle size of 200 grade or finer. The GSM (gms per sq meter )of the mats is in excess of 400. These pads are designed for use on both sides and do not wear out fast. The light weight, lofty & extremely openness of our pads/mats provide the essential non-clogging and no-filling nature which permit it to be used in soapy dish water where it is common to find bits of food or other residues which could clog an abrasive pad not having these features. After use, these can be readily cleaned upon by simple flushing with water, dried and left for reuse.



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