StBotanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand and Nail Cream, Deeply Nourish Dry Hand & Skin With Olive & Jojoba Oils, Cocoa & Shea Butter, 50 g (STBOT582)

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StBotanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand & Nail Cream is created to keep your hands moisturized and protected from the environmental aggressors. The manicurist?s hand and nail care essential infused with the anti-aging benefits of vitamin C and natural oils is your ideal on-the-go hands moisturizing product. The hand cream is formulated to rapidly replenish the moisture lost from your hands. The moisturizing ingredients easily penetrate the dermis and intensely hydrate your hands. The humectants in the cream seal moisture into the skin and minimize hydration loss.

Pure Natural Hands for Soft Hands

Frequent washing and exposure to heat and harsh environmental elements leave the hands dry and prone to rapid wrinkling. StBotanica?s Hand & Nail Cream has combined precious natural oils such as olive oil and jojoba oil and plant butters such as cocoa butter and shea butter that in addition to moisturizing the hands, owing to their high nutrient content, nourish the skin. Combining hydration with nourishment helps repair the damaged skin.

Brightens Hands and Nails

The intense moisturizing effect of the hand cream adds radiance to the skin and sheen to the nails. Licorice in the cream is an amazing natural skin lightening agent. The combined effect of licorice extract and vitamin C helps fade dark spots and pigmentation.

Strong Nails

Hydrolyzed milk protein in the hand cream apart from softening the skin helps strengthen the nails. The amino acids rich pure protein molecules easily penetrate the surface of the nails and bind to the nails, thereby hardening and strengthening the nails.

Vitamins B3, C & E for Superior Nourishment

Vitamin B3 in the hand cream strengthens the moisture barrier and preserves your hand?s moisture retention capacity so that your hands do to dry out rapidly.



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