Teal & Terra Hairfall and Dandruff treatment (Serum/Very light Oil) With Onion and Castor, Vitamin E, 100 ml

Teal & Terra Hairfall and D...
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Teal and terra's red onion oil -very rich in sulphur, vitamin A, C, e that provides hair follicle with desired nutrition, cures scalp infections and assist in hair growth, contains enzyme catalase that helps prevent premature greying. Coconut oil -great source of vitamin e and proteins, It is extremely beneficial for hair and skin. Argan oil -perfect tonic for lustrous hair and glowing skin enriched with vitamin A, E and Omega6 fatty acids, hydrates and repairs tissues. Treats sunburns and rashes. Deeply conditions hair, promotes hair growth, tames fizz. Hibiscus oil -rich in natural alpha-hydroxyl acids that help reduce wrinkles. Contains vitamins A, C, amino acids and antioxidants that nourishes, revitalizes hair and skin. Shea butter excellent -for skin lightening and glow, restores elasticity, source of vitamin A, E, f, natural SPF, protects against sun. Anti-ageing, prevents dry skin, acne and scars. Reduces stretch marks and cellulite. Sandalwood oil -calming and aromatic. Promotes healthy smooth skin, clears complexion, reduces blemishes and scars. Anti tanning and protects against UV damage. Provides prickly heat and itch relief. Rose oil -helps reduce acne, fades acne scars, hydrates and soothes overall skin tissue, natural skin tonic for cell renewal. Ingredients: onion extract, Arabian oud essential oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, cold pressed organic argan oil, jojoba oil, amla (ext.), hibiscus extract, neem oil, bhringraj extract, jatamansi (ext.), shea butter, sandalwood oil, rose oil, cold pressed moringa oil, cold pressed castor oil, black seed oil, rosehip oil, lavender e. Oil, flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil, tea tree e. Oil, holy basil e. Oil, safflower oil (kusum), aloe vera, ginseng ext., rosemary e. Oil, Indian gooseberry. It can also be used on any type of scalp, useful for onion oil for hair regrowth for women and men.



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