The EnQ Magical Moringa Facial Cleanser Natural Cleansing Milk With Moringa Extract Deep Cleaning Hydrating Cleanser for Women and Men Cleanser for Make Up Removal 200 ml without Emulsifying Wax

The EnQ Magical Moringa Fac...
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The enq magical moringa facial cleanser is infused with ben oil a traditionally rich beauty treatment used by roman greek and Egyptian queens. In modern times, it is much required as it provides ultimate radiant glow and provides amazing hydration to skin with which skin remains supple and soft for a long time. Moreover, moringa extract helps in deep cleansing of skin pores because of its rich anti oxidant activity. It deep cleanses the skin and removes all kinds of pollutants, dust and unwanted oil from skin pores protecting your skin from acne and other skin challenges. Use it as directed on the bottle and enjoy healthy and glowing skin.



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