TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Honey Milk Body Wash Shower Gel 250 ml

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TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Honey Milk Body Wash Shower Gel 250 ml


Honey Milk Body Wash: TNW Honey Milk Body Wash is a hydrating bodywash that not only cleanses the skin but also helps to maintains its moisture. It is a natural body wash that is enriched with several natural ingredients. | Rejuvenating Shower Gel: This chemical- free (Paraben and Sulphate) shower gel rejuvenates the dry and dull skin as honey is a natural exfoliator and nourishes the skin deeply. | Moisturizing Body Wash: TNW Honey Milk shower gel moisturizing bodywash reveals new skin cells underneath because of the presence of milk protein. It also moisturizes the dry body adequately. | Ideal for winters: Due to its rich ingredients this glowing & moisturizing shower gel is the best bodywash for winter season as it doesn’t dry out the skin post bathing. | Chemical-free body wash: This nourishing shower gel doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as paraben and sulphate that cause more harm to the skin than any benefits. Since it is a chemical-free gentle body wash it gives a gently cleansed and nourished skin.





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