Trycone Activated Charcoal Powder, For Skin Treatment and Teeth Whitening, Helps With Digestion, Food Grade - 100 Gm

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Trycone Activated Charcoal Is A Powdered Form Of Natural Carbon. It Is More Porous And Adsorbing In Nature. Adsorption Is A Form Of Electrical Attraction That Makes Activated Charcoal Pull Toxins Or Other Particles Towards It, But Does Not Stick Or Combine With It. This Makes It Extremely Effective In DIY Cosmetic Preparations Such As Face Masks. Activated Charcoal Is A Popular Detoxification Agent As Well And Can Be Consumed With Your Favorite Beverages.The use of charcoal as a charcoal underarms cleaner and Underarms lightening agent works well when used with honey. As honey been a natural bleaching agent and antibacterial property together with the lightening nature of activated charcoal produce an excellent solution to lighten your underarm. Take one tablespoon of raw honey and 3 spoon of activated charcoal and mix them together, then apply the solution to your clean and dry armpits. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wipe off with warm water.



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