Turron Index Flash Cards Tray - 3x5 inch, Blank White, 150 Cards, 200 GSM - with Free Binder Rings for Short Notes, cue Cards, Cheat Sheets, exam, Interview Preparation

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Index cards(Flash cards) are an effective learning tool which help you focus only on the important stuff by eliminating extraneous and non-required material. These blank index cards allow you to write the important content while preparing for your school exams, entrance exams, interviews, public speeches, to create cheet sheets, and other creative ways. The cards have been made with good quality thick cardstock paper. Hence they are extremely durable . The Turron cards have been intentionally made smaller in size so that the user is constrained to include only the important learning material in these flashcards. Additionally as we become adults, we start reading multiple sentences and lines in one glance. Small flash cards will help you cover a single card in almost a single glance. Moreover, the small size also makes them quite portable and you can carry them with you while you travel or walk with them in your pocket or purse for a quick lookup.



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