U & U UNIQUE UTILITIES Microfiber Kids Baby Bath Sponge Loofah (Pink) - Pack of 2

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Your baby's delicate skin surely needs uttermost attention as provided by our super soft Baby Bath Sponge Glove Loofah. When it comes to skin care, you need to be extra careful before exposing your kid's soft skin to any external agents like baby soaps, gels, oils, powders or creams. For Baby sponge, we have a solution in this amazing Baby Bathing Washcloth Set that will certainly protect your baby's spongy skin from harsh chemical based soaps and shower gels that can cause immense damage.

These ultra soft Baby Bathing accessories act as a protective layer between your baby's soft skin and prevents it from harmful chemicals used in soaps. Along with immense health benefits, this Baby Sponge Bath essentials also rejuvenates the skin by producing rich and thick foam/lather with any soap or shower gel. Also, if you are unable to use soap to its full capacity as it gets thin and find it difficult to handle while bathing your baby, kids, toddler or infant, this Microfiber Soap Cover Pouch will act as a life hack and prove to be immensely manageable, productive and cost effective.

This beautiful Baby Pink colored Soft Newborn Loofah is Lightweight, Flexible, Highly Durable, Easy To Grip and generates a rich and thick foam/lather.

Usage Recommendations:

- Rinse the Baby Soap Pouch before use.

- Clean and air dry the Kids Soap Cover after use.

- Sharing bathing utilities is not recommended.

- Enjoy a luxurious shower while protecting your baby's skin and that too without ever dropping out your soap with this awesome looking Baby Body Wash Loofah.

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