Vaadi Herbals Anti Ageing Cream, 150g

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One cannot defy time or the aging process. Over the time, the skin is bound to age. But if skin care is given an utmost importance, one can age with poise. Vaadi herbals' anti-wrinkle cream is packed with almond oil, wheat germ oil and manjistha, all three of which together form the perfect age-with-grace formula. Regular application of the anti-wrinkle cream reduces fine lines, tightens the skin, boosts the regeneration of cells and provides the necessary hydration to the skin making it younger, smoother and softer. How does wheat germ oil fight wrinkles and age? Wheat germ oil is obtained in unrefined form from the core (or kernel) of wheat grain. In comparison with any vegetable oil, wheat germ oil contains the maximum percentage of vitamin e. Apart from gifting the skin a supple glow, it is known to treat dry patches by maintaining the natural moisture balance. It is effective on all skin types. The presence of vitamin e makes wheat germ oil a very powerful antioxidant which fights wrinkles and fine lines. On a regular application, premature aging stops and a younger-looking, even toned skin is visible. Dark spots, under-eye circles and pigmentation are effectively cured by wheat germ oil.



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