Vaadi Herbals Breezy Aloe Vera Soap, 75g (Pack of 3)

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Why is blend of honey and aloe vera good for skin? An amalgamation of natural ingredients such as honey and aloe-vera in a product is no less than a secret treasure for damaged skin. Both of these put together form the best combination for a crystal-clear skin from outside which is as healthy from the inside. How honey helps in bringing out a radiant skin? By the process of regurgitation, bees make honey out of nectar. This honey then collected and used for a variety of purposes. Honey works wonders for the skin as the following: treats acne and pimples: honey is an ideal cleansing agent as it absorbs the trapped impurities within the skin surface and pores making it bacteria free. Honey, thus, is helpful in treating of acne, break-outs and skin irritation. Also, honey helps in lightening blemishes and scars. Rejuvenates and refreshes the depleted skin: the damage on skin due to UV rays is one of the major cause that skin may become dull, dry and tanned.



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