Vedicline Kamayani Body Polishing Kit

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Gives glow and stimulates desire and passion. Good for brides. Spa comes from Latin phrase, "sales per aqua", it means health via water. Modern spa centres keep body healthy and rejuvenated through various oils, creams, mud, massage and bath treatments. High quality body spa products from Vedicline, supply skin with herbs, vegetable and fruit extracts, essential oils, almond, grape seed oil, shea butter, anti oxidants, serums and much more rapidly and directly. In short it supplies skin with energy, it needs to regain it's vitality and sensuality. Vedicline provides facial like treatments according to needs of body. With Vedicline body spa cell metabolism is optimized, skin's regeneration is better, cellulite and stretch marks are taken care of, body is slimmed and toned. It is well protected, remains soft, smooth and youthful. Products in small kit products in kit (6): ? kamayini fizz ? kamayini aromatic body scrub ? kamayini aromatic body oil ? kamayini aromatic body wrap ? sandalwood and turmeric moisturizer ? glow aroma blend



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