VLCC Insta Glow 5 Facial Kit

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Our face can lose its charm due to pollution, stress, weather and use of excessive makeup. This results in our face looking tired and dull, and requires us to get frequent facials done. However, with busy schedules, it is not possible to go out and get facials. Hence VLCC, which has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to skin and hair care products, is out with an Insta Glow Facial Kit. The VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit gives you a glowing, refreshed and healthy skin tone without drying out your skin. It leaves your face nourished, hydrated, soft and supple and is suitable for all kinds of skin types. The kit contains a Berryberry face scrub with black and white scrub particles, a saffron message gel pack, a pure white face cream and an instant white face pack. The face scrub rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin and leaves it refreshed and cleansed, tightening the skin pores. The saffron message gel is light and has a soothing fragrance that relaxes the skin and provides a soothing feeling it. The pure white face cream which contains lemon and mulberry leaf extracts lightens the pigmentation of the skin without drying it out. Lastly, the instant white face pack which contains rosemary and lavender extract also brightens the complexion and gives the face a soft, radiant and luminous effect.

The VLCC Facial Kit comes in sachets, in a concealed plastic zip pouch. The kit is travel friendly and the sachets are easy to store for future use. So you can buy the kit and enjoy a facial at home.



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