VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit, 210g

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Your cousin's wedding is coming up and do you want to look your best with beautiful face? then, bring home this insta glow facial kit from the beauty world of vlcc. This facial kit is based on an age old ayurvedic ingredients which are combined to give you a beautiful and healthy skin. This specially prepared facial kit comes with a set of five which includes a face scrub, a fairness gel, a fairness cream, an insta glow pack and skin vitality serum. The face scrub goes deep into your skin and functions effectively solving problems such as dullness, breakouts and dehydration. The fairness gel aggressively exfoliates the dull layers of the dead skin and bringing out fresh and clear skin. The fairness cream helps in smoothing, lightening, toning, firming and nourishing your skin deeply. The insta glow pack makes your skin glow with its rich ingredients thus giving you a radiant skin. The skin vitality serum makes your skin feel soft and supple by revitalizing. The insta glow facial kit is a combination of fairness, moisturization, nourishment and retexturizing. Now you need to worry about going to a salon to get a glowing skin. Instead, you can sit at home, relax and do facial on your own with this specially created kit. Ideal for men and women, this facial kit keeps your dull skin looking beautiful and young. Regular use of this vlcc insta glow facial kit (set of 5) ensures your skin a flawless complexion which you always desired to flaunt. Look gorgeous with flawless skin by using this facial kit on any occasion.



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