VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash, 80ml

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Was...
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Natural Sciences Wild Turmeric Face Wash is unique Ayurvedic cleanser made with the precision of modern science. Blending many herbal extracts to purify and fortify the skin. This natural cleanser with pure Honey and Turmeric has antiseptic properties that protect your skin from the daily damage. Turmeric is rich in vitamins and minerals that support skin health, and also has high levels of anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which protect the skin from infection and damage resulting in signs of aging. Arjuna and Honey encourage the healing and detoxification of the skin, improve circulation, making the skin soft and radiant. Natural Sciences Wild Turmeric Face Wash removes microbes and pollutants from the innermost pores leaving the skin fresh and tingling.



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