VRJTEC Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone | Portable Handheld Karaoke Mic | Multi-function Bluetooth Karaoke Mic with Speaker For All Smart Phones (BLACK)

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Having a Party, Function or Meeting and need voice to reach them. Get our Bluetooth Mic/Mike.

Product Specification:


  • It has an in-built speaker which will reach the audience and get their attention.
  • Having friends around and feel the mood for Karaoke....get our Portable Handheld Mic/Mike with Speaker (Bluetooth Speaker) which will really set up the atmosphere and get all the friends going till they drop dead.
  • Fun time is guaranteed with our Mic/Mike with Speaker and add spice with recording the Audio with Our Bluetooth Mic/Mike which is a Mic/Mike with Audio Recording Facility also.
  • Now record your fun moments and rewind you good times again and again.
  • Bluetooth Mic/Mike with Audio Recording Facility helps you to record instrumental music, music shows of your favorite musician or record your own songs and send it to your family and friends to enjoy your talent.
  • Our Portable Handheld Mic/Mike with Audio Recording can be used for recording interviews or ideal for recording Vocal applications for singing/speech competition or programs.
  • With the Karaoke Speaker with Mic/Mike you can instantly create your own Karaoke fun anywhere you like.
  • For the budding singer there's no better way to show off to your friends and bring some X-factor magic to your life.
  • With your Karaoke Speaker with Mic/Mike at your disposal "if you've got talent then why not flaunt it".




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