WayMore Stainless Steel and Plastic 360 Degree Rod Mop Set with 1 Refill (Standard Size)

WayMore Stainless Steel and...
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Mop, you'll never have to fuss over dirty water ever again. Easy Mop system is designed to handle all your wet and dry mop needs. Easy mop comes with one dual action mop . With a handle-twist and release locking system, this replacement pole handle is perfect for your new or used spin mop.The absorbent micro fibres in the mop head absorb up to 10 times the moisture of a traditional microfibre mop and readily soak up big spills and remove stubborn stains. It can be used on all spin mops / Magic Mop / 360 degree rotating mop etc. Keep your hands out of dirty water. Durable and longer service life. Reusable and machine washable. Safe and easy to clean. Compatible with almost all spin mops.



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