WishCare® Lemongrass Essential Oil 15 ML - 100% Pure, Undiluted & Natural

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100% Pure WishcareLemonGrass Essential Oil For Fleas, Cholesterol, Sale, Diffuser, Pregnancy, Thyroid, Cancer, Thyroid, Uti, Hair Growth, Face, Skin, Dogs, Acne. Lemongrass has a sweeter, more powerful citrus aroma than Lemon. It is an effective pain killer. It has been proven to lower cholesterol. It has been used for soothing aching feet, tired muscles and painful backs. It helps with excessive perspiration and flatulence. Lemongrass' antifungal properties make it effective aiding athlete's foot and nail fungus. Many migraine sufferers find it effective. It is considered an antiseptic and astringent useful by some people to cleanse oily skin and help close pores. It can increase mental acuity and help stabilize and balance emotions, especially during times of distress and emotional trauma. We are confident we have developed the absolute best lemongrass essential oil in the market.



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