WishCare® Purifying Activated Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask - 60 Grams

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Specifications: Mask Color: Black Gender: Unisex Fit for: All types of skin. The mask is NOT recommended for sensitive skin or those prone to skin irritations. Net Wet: 60g Shelf life:2 years Usage Method: Moisten the face with warm water. Apply a thin layer of mask on your face and massage into the skin in a circular motion (avoid eyes and lips). Allow to dry and then gently peel off from outer edges and rinse the face with cold water to close the pores. Tips for best result: 1. Suggest to use on T-zone, nose, and chin area first, if you feel the pain is OK, then try to whole face. 2. The thickness needs to be appropriate. If coating thickness is too thin,it is not easy to peel the mask on the whole piece and adsorption effect is not obvious . If it is too thick ,waiting time would be too long ,it is recommended to use daub amount to cover the skin. 3.Mild blackheads: once a week; Moderate blackhead: twice a week; Severe blackheads: 2-3 times a week. Please Pay Attention to: 1.Don't put a thick layer. Put just suitable enough. otherwise, you will feel painful when peeling off it. 2.Keep the mask mud away from your hair. 3.Apply a amount of the product at the back of the hand or ear, if no allergic reactions(itching, redness) within 5 minutes before using.If there is any discomfort, stop using. 4.For external use only. Avoid directly contact with eyes, brow and lips, if this occurs rinse well with lukewarm water at once. If you have any problems. Please contact us at any time. We look forward to serving you.



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