Z-Block 25% Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Gel, SPF 58, 50 ml

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Z-Block contains 25% zinc oxide sunscreen. It provides broad spectrum protection against sun rays UVA and UVB also having higher SPF 58 and 4-star rating.Z-Block sunscreen is 100% free of chemical actives, so no irritation. Z-Block has break through patented Index Match Technology to ensure non opaque, non whitening sunscreen experience.Z-Block sunscreen contains Zinc oxide- The only ingredient classified by USFDA that provides broad spectrum coverage across the entire UVB & UVA range.Z-Block contains Zinclear IM- The most transparent and effective zinc oxide in the world and also approved as organic cosmetic ingredient by Eco cert. Z-Block provides silky-smooth, non oily, matt finish and velvety feel sunscreen experience.USPs:· Non comedogenic· No harmful chemicals· No animal testing· Preservative free· Very water resistant (80 minutes)· Petrolatum It is available in 50 ml.

  • Non comedogenic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No animal testing
  • Preservative free
  • Very water resistant (80 minutes)



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