Zilch Afterglow Vitamin C Serum - Brightening, Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Anti-Ageing, 30 ml

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The secret to beating a dull look in the morning, is a glow job the night before. Packed to the brim with the goodness of Vitamin C, this serum works through the night to give you a resplendent Afterglow. Each time you apply this lightweight gel formula, your skin does something really clever - it regenerates and repairs itself using your body's natural healing process. Dark patches fade away to give you an even skin tone. We're impressed. That's a glow job well done. The loss of skin vitality due to aging leaves it dry, dull and dehydrated. Zilch Afterglow is specially formulated to deeply nourish and pamper tired skin to give it a reflective glow. The serum also improves the efficacy of your beauty regimen - just add it as a must have Step 1 to your existing skin care routine. Kiss goodbye to early signs of aging and hi-5 skin that feels recharged and looks 'lit' with a uniform tone for a bright and radiant look.



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